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Malanda Falls Environmental Information Centre


Malanda Environmental Information Centre:

  • Location: Passing through Malanda on the main road, approximately two (2) Kilometres from the town centre, on the left hand side of the road.. 
  • The Environmental Information Centre gives an interpretative, interactive and informative account of the geological history of the tableland area, interesting any visitors to the falls. 
  • The display is presented in simple terms with rock and rainforest specimens, models and pictures to look at accompanied with information of the area to read.
  • The Visitor’s centre also offers a range of local brochures and a volunteer worker is usually available to answer any queries you may have.
  • A fifty (50) metre walk will take you from the Environmental Information Centre to the Malanda Waterfall.
  • Across the road from the Environmental Centre is a short rainforest walk that will offer you some magnificent photo opportunities. 
  • Close to its beginning is a platypus, turtle and lizard-viewing platform that, with any luck will allow you to see some of the animals Malanda’s rainforest holds.
  • Take an  hour long Guided Aboriginal Rainforest Walk from the Malanda Falls Environmental Information Centre and see unique, ancient and original upland rainforest through the eyes of a Ngadjonji tribal elder, Ernie Raymont.

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